by Caroline Haskins

for Motherboard

This is a real-life X-File.


Human consciousness is nothing but an intersection of energy planes that forms a hologram able to travel through spacetime—across the universe, and into the past, present, and future.

I read about this idea in a CIA document about the USArmy. Yes, the US Army. The institution that painstakingly crafts an image of commitment to pragmatic and logical objectives. When I was reading through the documents, I was certainly a bit surprised.

According to the declassified CIA documents that I read, the US Army was extremely interested in psychic experimentation. From the late 1970s into the 80s, it even paid for intelligence officers to go on weeklong excursions to an out-of-the-way institute specializing in out-of-body experiences and astral projection.

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“A new standard has been established from the lessons and experiences of Standing Rock. Now we must all bring it together. Remember the Veterans! Invite them home to rebuild your Bio-Region. Natural Security is up to all of us where we are with what we have. Listen to the Indigenous Drums. Aho” -says the New Earth Army Commander

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If Donald Trump wanted to reward the red states in the heart lands
he could fund new eco villages and pay veterans to help with natural security support team of teams right there where we can bring our land, our water, and our biosphere get back to full health. Probably cost about as much as a new fighter plane. This time we put the police on the same team! see page 2 for details. ~Jim

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Or? Why You’ll Never Win An Online Argument


The backfire effect occurs when, in the face of contradictory evidence, established beliefs do not change but actually get stronger. The effect has been demonstrated experimentally in psychological tests, where subjects are given data that either reinforces or goes against their existing biases – and in most cases people can be shown to increase their confidence in their prior position regardless of the evidence they were faced with. ~Rationalwiki

Psychologist Dan Gilbert tells The New York Times;

When our bathroom scale delivers bad news, we hop off and then on again, just to make sure we didn’t misread the display or put too much pressure on one foot. When our scale delivers good news, we smile and head for the shower. By uncritically accepting evidence when it pleases us, and insisting on more when it doesn’t, we subtly tip the scales in our favor

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