As we continue to connect the dots of planetary disclosure intelligence…. one very bright trajectory continues to grow with promise as to what best seems possible and desirable. We send this OPERATION NOBLE STEWARD II to our community of interest out there so you may further transmit SHARE it with the other change agents they know..


In the coming months we intend to also resurface many of our previous contributing solutions we have already presented to viewers of this and other websites. Assembling allied civilizations is the answer.

We want to bring this foundational insight back for our new viewers to update them so we can operate better on the same page. From there our collective prayers can be launched worldwide since they are the work orders that will bring us the best world we can imagine. I will call this a effort to showcase past options on this subject a social network accelerator. In other words …The best ideas are sent to as many players as we can. Please consider spreading this proactive set of ideas to those you know are on the team.

THE NEW INTELLIGENCE shows there are many civilizations connected to this planet and have been for centuries. Some are, as expected, out there in Galactic space and beyond but within range and many others have been residing inside our planet for generations and are only recently in the process of reuniting. Those exo-planetary societies are also connecting with each other and with some of our planet’s most adventurous space ambassadors. Those interior players inside earth have just united to best obtain the future they perceive as important. The already allied societies or planets have been trading high tech solutions and genetic materials for over fifty years. We have been a part of that and successful.

When President Eisenhower met the first grays mid century, it was a no brainer to set up teams to best assess just how many other civilizations there were and of what persuasion and even further what agenda’s they might have had. The program remained underground because there was not a point where was enough intelligence to be conclusive about the real dangers or the possible solutions.

global mind

It was always imagined that if we could get along as an allied collective with them and exact fair trade that such a peaceful common over-watch body could guide us all into a grand alliance. WHAT MORE COULD WE ASK FOR? The Wilcock and Goode ( GIAM_TV) exchanges get at the heart of this most adventurous and necessary approach.

We very much could be close to just such a revelation of our grand galactic convergence and the positive outcomes of just such an alliance. Therefore it is conceivable that we could have visitors with valuable recovery approaches for our challenged BIOSPHERE. The FIRST EARTH BATTALION AND NEW EARTH ARMY, as well as Think-tank BRIGHTFORCE have been speculating for years about how our military services could help guide policies of NATURAL SECURITY not NATIONAL SECURITY and would be able to converge our awakened and empowered communities to re-localize around watersheds and with the help of the military resources bring our BIOSPHERE back to life. There are so many corresponding skillsets at play here. Militaries move, resolve, and communicate to bring efficiency to any mission. They are service minded to the bone. Our growing WEBOCRACY will likely overcome the primitive instruments of old style governance. People will create the commerce they want by direct trading independently.

So, posts will follow on ten websites for months about the thinking shifts required. Spread the word. Amen…so be it, and the prayer is released. THE NEW EARTH ARMY SHARE SHARE SHARE

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  1. I hear you have instituted the OHMYGOSHRAM at artesia..
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