THE BIOASIS at Artesia

A World Prototype for Wholistic Habitats and Homesteads

ENTRANCE MAGIC Where ever people live there is a missing opportunity to have entrances uplift the awakening intelligence of approaching people. The elements of that most interesting design challenge are made into a challenge for participants to discover.

EDIBLE LANDSCAPES ON MEANDERING PATHWAYS Yes gardens like a victory garden for pure food production are important. But having the entire living area surrounded by a food forest with edible landscapes on meandering pathways makes walking in the trees a foraging fantasy. Physical exercise results but is sometimes hardly noticed by the enticing paradise array of swaying and rustling trees and shrubs that are pure magic…. They contain food that must be recognized as such but produce an enchanting experience of lifeforce energy.

ETHNO_BOTANICAL FORAGING TRAIL …for smaller gifts very special plants can be organized in a fairly densely packed walking trail. Here florals, medicinals, aromatics, and other useful forms of nature need to be discovered at closer range and gathered in handfuls not bushel baskets. More careful ideas riegn here about the ingestion practices of each of this particular array of natural wonders.

SACRED SHRINES CREATION …. Peace must be remembered as a real feeling that comes when nature is organized with a focus on harmony and isolation from interrupting elements. Lono the God the harvest sitting under the grand grand father banyan tree brings Artesia a sense of the demands of any good harvest culture. The wood and stone scultures remind us of PEACE where you can rest in the beauty between the planting and the harvest. PLENTY where you team up to harvest the best of a full array of food in anatural setting. Then PLAY where the lightest and happiest forms of experience penetrate your sense of being. Nature is a frce to be received and experienced where ever possible.

TREEHOUSE LIVING …getting up over the scene is a treat. Making a place to see the world from there is an enchanting experience and a small chore we call building a tree house. Creating places for birds to feed and waterthemselves is included in the adventure. Rope, and nets, and swings are included in the ways to enjoy the limbs and their special way of allowing for playing beneath the canopy.

THE SHIRE …at Artesia we have a hamlet sized community that live in smallish but elegant cottages each placed inside tree clusters that create privacy from view and noise. We can hear each other if there is trouble but otherwise only the fientest sounds make it through the thick green buffers around each dwelling. Here we seethe return to charm as a real design choice. Accounting for the poly cultural features is fun. The designs are both strong and quaint. Many are open to a view. Some make that a huge part of the setting. Leaving nature out of the scene including wind sounding in the leaves and palm fronds dancing from thse same trades. Occasional aromatic bushes and small trees blow in the homes.

THE PRIMAL VIEWPLANE Each person can engage in the creation of one place to sit where they can get the full on view and experience of the best of nature around them. You can start with an opening location and an outrageously comfortable chair with pillows and an attending table for journal, pens, coffee and the like. Then arrange for various branches and leaf patterns to surround the opening to the deeper view. Next create a meandering path with stones and a bridge to take the eyes into the distant view. At the farthest point have a mountain or major opening. That is an altar piece. Then magical islands can be constructed to showcase the most brilliant colors and shapes in the midfield. On the ground its nice to have plants that explode upwards with their leaf shapes. Then some that willow back toward the ground to create a fountain shape. A beautiful outdoor couch can be nestled under a shade tree. A birdbath and feeding zone for birds is a good forground item. A little corn scratch in the morning and soon !!!! They come. What entertainment. At the edges of the sky select trees that move and have good silhouettes. Then center most about 100 feet away if you can find a tree like a coconut palm that can dance in the wind … do that for sure. This can be the work of a lifetime …. because everyday you get to sit in your own cathedral.

DREAMLANDS SANCTUARY Where do you get a chance to create your next best world? Do you collect costumes that speak to your essence? Do you have a sanctuary where you can model the next best and more charming models of home…of play…of being by the fire… of deeply connecting
with your soul family …where you can hear water falling and trees breathing the wind … where you can try sculptures and totems to remind you of your connections to the all..???? Most large operations save 17% of their resources for R/D …what portion of your land can you dedicate to building and planting your next best world?

FULL EXPRESSION IMPROV STAGE We know the freedom we feel when going to a festival where freedom fills the air and our costumes are clues to the beings inside of you just waiting to get out.
Permission to play in full expression the voice that wants to sing, the dance that wants to get danced, the stories that want to be told…and more. Be the next self you want to be and add to your poly mythic self.

THE VICTORY GARDEN This about the independent power of growing what you need to eat as your become more resilient. Its very much like the victory gardens created during WWII. Potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and the like. The edible landscaping about the Bioasis can hold the other delightful things the earth can provide. Yes, you will learn that is a lot more to growing a rich array of basic foods …but there is pleasure in every step. You will find your physical health won’t be something that must happen at the gym or treadmill. Its way more of a yogic adventure all around which delivers a deeper satisfaction than you could imagine. Soon you’ll be picky about the shovels you select and look for other tools that last and all of that artform will grow on you as you grow with it.

COUNCIL WAYS Many native cultures perfected council circles with simple rules for giving everyone a chance to share. Old stories will soon be seen for just that. Real emotions can be nurtured and heroic stories will occasionally be the food for others inspired efforts. We have tried tipi’s and other circular cob worked covers. Weather is a key but doing the gathering itself is the magic you can expect.

FOOD FORESTS ..ORCHARDS IN THE WILD Often to enhance production, trees are planted in rows so they more efficiently be nurtured. Not a bad idea. And… thats not a forest that grows more spontaneously and wants to show the variety that the tree species knows how to create. Not wanting to wait for an auspicious forest presence I dug up a ten ton Banyan tree and moved it to my land in two giant truck sections. I left space for a bridge to go between the trunks …it is now fifty years old and spans 90 feet across the top of a shrine I created. That wouldn’t work in a row tree forest. Now I have twelve such auspicious beings in place of all kinds and they lead the energy field which is most tangible vibration for who come on this land. It is wildwood magic. Our future is now a real blending of topological reality and multiple aggregating energy fields.

THE CHARMING SHIRE ahhh remember the shire in the hobbit? Round wooden doors and cozy mound dwellings with charming front facia and windows. Well if the forest is allowed to nest in the dwellings with multiple kinds of charm this shire like quality can result. Far enough apart to have privacy but close enough to get help. Poly-cultural motifs are especially useful in assembling charming if small cottage sized dwellings. In our creative efforts we also chose to see that the middle sized small houses were portable. They can be lifted into new locations within hours with a crane and a flatbed truck. We also have nomadic options like tipi’s which take only two hours to disassemble and move. This way there is no big financial problem with people choosing to relocate to a new place. Sometimes children need to get to other little hamlets where more children of their age can be playmates. That is a huge advantage of small homes that are supported by playful options for all and studios and storage areas for general purpose use.

MYTHMAKING MEMORIES …Just as journaling is a way to preserve our working memeories of how we are evolving our belief structures …totems and shrines are reminders of our common beliefs.
So we create gathering places and quiet zones to pause and reflect on our common interests. Further we can name our hamlet or bioasis. Then perhaps a mascot and a logo will rempower the chosen identities and vision of the future. If you have a person who is prone to oratory stories of mythic heros can up the ante on divine focus. The sign at the entrance can host many of these thoughts as banners with flags waving.

THE IMAGINATION LAB/STUDIO The future dreams of the family can be assembled as time goes by. An art studio can house many treasures that can represent dreams and parties where the vibrationally empowering events can be arranged. Indigenous tribes have taken churches that were formerly used to indoctinate a single belief system and broken them into areas where a multitude of sacred ceremonies can grow the collective belief systems in powerful ways.
Beauty is an unspoken but critical vibration. We find elements and small spaces everywhere on the land to induce peace and love among other values of interest.

JOURNALING STATIONS Random chairs, benches and hammocks are encouraged to allow people to “be” with their thoughts and the other transmissions of numinous entities. Generally they are situated with a charming viewplane or a place where the wind finds a path through the forest. Sanctuary comes through with such precious private cubbies.

RECYCLING STATIONS Likewise the trash needs places to be taken and hidden from the viewscape. Sinple structures with one side with a washable hardstand can promote a discipline of putting the irregular things behind regular screens. Wet garbage however needs a composting site with all the added greenwaste and emolients to bring that material into use as fertilizer.

SALVAGE AS AN ARTFORM Often we are dismayed when we visit some indigenous villages to see that things of all kinds are left about. If its not possible for some people to afford the many modrn conveniences … they forage for spare parts from these bones piles as they cam to be known by farmers who lived far from other resources.
If people are good at salvage …thet don’t put it on shelves where most of it will be forgotten. We need a working memory of what is available to understand how things an be recombined to create new solutions. The secret is to keep the piles from regular view. As we learn to trade again with ”this for that” kind of transactions reuse is the premiere ecological talent. It is costly to move all unused items to large public dumps because most of the hidden value lies at the bottom of the pile and the collective odor is not an ally.

PROTOTYPING SHOP In addition to the studio where cultural ideas have room to be shared, a large shed for prototyping new ideas and assembling things with saws and more crafty equipment is on hand and out of the weather. Scale can be a factor so those who craft with beads and smaller artifacts can see what they need in some organized containers. Furniture repair can proceed. But most interesting these days is assembling structures for various uses can be helpful on larger plots. Building things according to imposed standards where all the parts have to be “new” is not a sustainable strategy.