the time capsule MILLENNIUM MAN an archive waiting for a home

YEAR 2000

The intent of this capsule is to provide an across the board record of the capacity of a male alive on planet earth at sixty in the year 2000. Unusual in that in his life he was exposed to the entire globe, its levels of civilization, and had an uncommon range of the skill bases extant at that time. When you say “Cro-Magnon man” it is a benchmark that profiles a period of civilized activity. The words “millenium man” are meant to offer another such profile archetype.

Jim Channon did this time capsule because he was among the first to be able to span the globe starting at a young age and then just happened also to be attracted to archival pursuits by age fifty. At age six as an American he studied in a British school in Greece where he learned French from anIrish woman and there were twelve other languages spoken by his school mates. This cultural and linguistic immersion lasted most of his life. Concomitantly his travels took him every year to a different geological region and he spent his retiring years in Hawaii exposed to eleven of the thirteen climatic zones.

The ultimate value here is one where by the human experience and human potential indicators are made clear in all the layers this man was exposed to and mastered. He writes well and illustrates and maps with the best of them. Hopefully this will serve as a total package and detailed slice of one man who managed to physically range over the planet and perform many many of the skills common to people living during this time period. Millenium man 2000.

For an increased clarity on JimChannon’s range: Lived 50 places in fifty years. Could navigate in fifty cities without a map. Operated in most climatic extremes. Engaged a wide variety of global language groups including many indigenous cultures still intact. Built the first Bioasis. Fluent across languages using non-verbal skills. Worked using 60 plus skill sets. Created 25 social inventions. Built a visual language. Launched five master mythologies each designed to prototype a new human archetype. Lead paratroopers in combat. Designed an 81 square mile classroom. Ran think tank BRIGHTFORCE the first web based social networking and sampling application. Can dance, holler, clap, and drum in the same set that reveal tribal skills. Has written seven books. Has made 100 videos. Got 25 million hits on his web sites in one year. Puppet master with many vocal dialects. Performed as a decathlete in college. Voted wittiest in senior class in high school. Paints murals of his dreams as working memories for the design of civilizations. Channels the masters and uses remote viewing teams. Is now pioneering divine systems design. This is just a simple summary of the range of human activities he has immersed himself in. His first master portfolio and biography has one hundred more pages elaborating on the versatile capacities of this millenium man. It seems self evident that any archeologist who found this kind of TIMECAPSULE in the future would hardly be scratching in the dark for examples of the human condition in the time 2000 AD. EnCAPSULlated.

To this end we proceed. Locations for these materials and their final packaging at the moment have not surfaced. We have a three acre bioasis in Hawaii with some originalChannon architecture and organic landscape designs. We have his studio and home that is loaded with artifacts of his design and many examples of his art. This property is an experience based movie set for his artifacts which always reflected his realisation as a biologian and lover of integral sentience as his leading intelligence. Yes he has gone beyond the prevailing topological,episodic, and word based forms of intelligence. Here is where the information becomes revealing. His collective intelligence is likely the precursor to a human intelligence of the future. Genius has always been associated with people with large working memories …his entire three acres proves that. If you want to unpack creativity…come to Jim’s place!


anyone knowing a historical venue awaiting such a living archive please call me 808-896-1023 jim


I remember seeing Claude Monets studio in France. The place he painted was there. The things like the pond and bridge that he chose to paint were there. The context was riveting to my understanding of his work. If I hadn’t seen Buckminster Fullers domes I would be similarly handicapped. To this end I have spent ten years assembling a complete range of things in my world to simply give the fullest possible impression of my life and work.

You will see the land and buildings I created. You will see the gardens I fashioned. You can listen to my voice made in my seventies reflecting on the world I participated in. There are eight portfolios in my writing studio, there are 100videos on youtube.

My world was the world of man who was privileged to see most of the world in the time he lived because travel was easy and I circled the globe close to a hundred times by the air miles I chalked up
The computer and video camera were at my side and so this was possible. Maybe for the first time in history such comprehensive records were possible.

How deeply you are interested in searching is completely your choice. My hope is that you will be reminded of all the things that mattered to you in your life. In the end I chose to study how the creative force in the universe works with an interest in preparing myself for continuing adventures.

I recommend slowly walking the grounds with a focus on seeing a full complement of wildlife organized to create a sense of wonder and beauty. I was sourced at length by the hand of nature that I held. Then listen to some audio tapes to feel my temperament and the state of awakening I managed to develop. I would only say that I was continually on the path of increasing my capacity to awaken.
This increased with age until I found myself most everyday sitting on the porch in my perch with nature bathing me with life force. And musing upon the next awakening state.

I hope that a hundred years from now this set of archives will allow people at that time to see the range of understanding a man in the year 2000 could amass and report on. Millenium man. 2000 Aloha

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